Electrification of Transport

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Year of foundation: 2011
Issues in focus: illumination of modern scientific problems related to electrified transport, namely problem of power supply, electromagnetic compatibility, electric traction, energy saving, automation and diagnose of power supply devices
ISSN: 2307–4221 (print); 2312-6574 (online)
Certificate of state registration: КВ № 17327-6097Р from October 14, 2010
Field of science: Technical sciences
Frequency: twice a year
Language of publication: Ukrainian, Russian, English (mixed languages)
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Editor in chief: Victor Sychenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Deputy Editor in chief: Andriy Afanasov, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Executive Secretary: Dmytro Bosyi, Doctor of Technical Sciences
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No 15 (2018)

Table of Contents

Electric Rolling Stock

Investigation of transient processes in the electric traction drive of under-ground electric locomotives
О. Н. Синчук, А. Ф. Синолицый, Е. А. Несмашный, В. А. Федотов, М. Л. Барановская, П. В. Лоташ, Е. И. Скапа 7-18
Computer simulation of the increased frequency modes for the traction transformer
А. М. Муха, О. І. Бондар, Д. В. Устименко, О. Я. Куриленко 19-22

Power Supply

Energy channels of power of distributed systems of type electrical supply
П. В. Губський 23-30
Analysis of the variable generation function on the step of transition to intellectual networks smart grid
С. П. Денисюк, П. В. Соколовський 31-42
Research efficiency of electrification directions Zaporozhye - Kamysh-Zarya – Walnovakh
М. Б. Курган, С. Ю. Байдак, Н. П. Хмелевська 43-53
Increase of reliability of power supply systems as a component of the problem of optimization of power consumption regimes
Ю. Л. Саєнко, Т. К. Бараненко 54-60
Application of active filters-stabilizers in a distributed electrical supply system
О. І. Семененко, О. Д. Супрун, Ю. О. Семененко, М. М. Одєгов 61-67
The use of accumulator power station in the railway transport power supply system
Е. И. Сокол, В. В. Замаруев, В. В. Ивахно, Б. А. Стысло 68-74

Automation and Diagnose

Differential models and computer-orientated methods of the processes deter-mining parameters modes informativeness of railways electricity supply intelligent networks intellectualization
О. І. Стасюк, О. C. Гайденко, Л. Л. Гончарова 75-83

Energy Saving

Improving methods the power supply systems efficiency on municipal electric transport
В. Х. Далека, О. С. Козлова, А. В. Шкрябко 84-90
Calculation of energy saving potential by controlling the flow of trains on the P-K section
В. Г. Кузнецов, А. В. Кравцов 91-98
Research of the efficiency of the automated system of commercial electricity consumption calculation for household consumers
В. І. Мартиненко, Д. О. Босий 99-108
Efficiency of the use of linear polymer insulators in the combination with glasses
Е. Д. Ким, К. Л. Чрзан 109-116
Calculation of the magnetic characteristics of the traction dc motor with combined excitation for trolley buses
І.О. Костенко, В. Ф. Харченко, М. В. Хворост 117-123