Efficiency of the use of linear polymer insulators in the combination with glasses





polymer insulator, plate type insulator, electric field strength, electric aging, diagnostics


At present, linear polymeric insulators with an silicone protective shell are perceived as alternative to traditional insulators practical for all classes of AC and AC voltage lines around the world. However, today, the problem of estimating the remaining life of insulators in real time is still unsolved, which would allow timely repair work or replacement of critically damaged insulators. Despite the fact that various methods and tools for diagnosing composite insulators are currently being tested, the methods for estimating the remaining term of safe isolation work are still not formalized in the form of recommendations of the International Committee for Standardization.

The paper deals with an insulating suspension for a high-voltage power transmission line from a polymer insulator supplemented with a plate-type insulator. Sequentially joined disk insulators not only equalize the potentials along the entire suspension, respectively, reduce the maximum field strength of the polymer insulator, but also serve as an indicator of hidden electrical processes in the polymer insulator.

Author Biography

Е. Д. Ким, Ukrainian engineer - pedagogical academy

Department of the electromechanics systems


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