No 6 (2013)

Table of Contents

Power Supply

Parametric synthesis of the system of parallel capacitive compensating devices in traction network in modern conditions PDF (Русский)
В. Д. Бардушко 8-13
Laboratory method of determining optimal distance between varistor surge protectors on 3 kV DC catenary PDF (Русский)
А. Бялонь, Ю. Фурман 14-19
The application of parametric failure model of the contact systems elements for predicting their life cycle PDF (Русский)
А. Г. Галкин, А. А. Ковалев 20-25
Analysis of balancing schemes for railway ac traction substations PDF (Русский)
В. П. Закарюкин, А. В. Крюков, Е. С. Иванова 26-33
Optimization of high-voltage electric field of polymer bushing insulator PDF (Русский)
Е. Д. Ким 34-39
Impact of the short-circuit in DC traction network on burned through the contact wires PDF (Українська)
П. Є. Михаліченко 40-46

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Analysis of the influence of the degree of charge capacities of reactive power compensator on the characteristics of electricity consumers PDF (Українська)
О. С. Катков, В. А. Тодоренко, О. І. Тюрютіков 47-51
Synthesis dynamic electromagnetic model of asynchronous motor, works in networks with poor electricity PDF (Русский)
В. В. Кузнецов, А. В. Николенко 52-57
Voltage quality on traction load buses of DC substations PDF
V. G. Sichenko 58-63
Investigation of electromagnetic processes in parallel RF reactive power compensator in TCAD 6.2 environment PDF (Русский)
В. А. Тодоренко, С. К. Василенко 64-70

Energy Saving

Traffic management to reduce operating costs of electrified railways PDF (Українська)
В. Г. Кузнецов, Д. О. Босий, К. О. Калашников 71-79

Automation and Diagnose

Monitoring and diagnostics of power transmission lines insulators PDF (Русский)
А. Г. Галкин, Т. А. Несенюк 80-85
Principles of modeling of thermal modes of the transformer PDF (Русский)
А. Ф. Гнидюк 86-89
Investigation methods of diagnosing interturn insulation in the windings of traction dry trans-formers PDF (Українська)
В. М. Ляшук, І. В. Дем’янюк 90-94

Electric Rolling Stock

Comparative analysis of high-voltage converters prospective DC electric locomotives PDF (Русский)
Г. С. Зиновьев, А. В. Роженцева, А. С. Суслова 95-100
Emergency processes on the first control zone of voltage converter at AC electric locomotive and providing its operability PDF (Русский)
О. В. Мельниченко, С. В. Власьевский 101-112
Using CFD-method to determine the aerodynamic forces pantograph and aerodynamic devices PDF (Русский)
О. А. Сидоров, А. Н. Смердин, А. Е. Чепурко 113-120