Optimization of high-voltage electric field of polymer bushing insulator

Е. Д. Ким


Development of high voltage bushings using polymeric dielectric materials due to low specific energy in their production and resistance to mechanical stress compared with porcelain insulators. However, there is the problem of early failure of polymeric insulators due to insulation breakdown, which requires the search for constructive and technological ways to improve the internal electrical resistance.

The results of an analytical study of the high-voltage electric field of the output insulator polymer insulated multilayer models of cylindrical and plane-parallel capacitors, as well as numerical solutions of the Laplace equation for the conduction of a comprehensive consideration of areas. The optimal ratio between the geometric parameters and dielectric properties of composite materials insulator elements for minimum criteria for the highest field strength at the surface of the conductor. Shown the possibility of significant damping of the edge effect of the field on the side of the torus samples flange execution profile ends with a large radius of curvature along the lines of the Rogowski electrode. Practical recommendations for equalizing the distribution of the field intensity at the flange introduction shielding electrode by applying a conductive coating on the outer surface of the bearing sleeve insulator, provide a rationale for the best places locations of the coating and its length relative to the flange.


insulator; polymer; electric field; failure; technology; cover


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