No 11 (2016)

Table of Contents

Power Supply

Analysis of the electromagnetic processes in the step-down pulse width converter with accounting of the temperature mode PDF (Українська)
Р. А. Баранюк, В. А. Тодоренко 8-12
Requirements and assessment of interoperability constituents: overhead contact line of the “Energy” subsystem and the pantograph and contact strips of “Locomotives and passenger rolling stock” subsystem according to EC TSI PDF
M. Kaniewski, M. Głowacz 13-21
Researching the electric field of high voltage cap insulators PDF (Русский)
Е. Д. Ким 22-27
Parallel operation of the power supply transformers of the automatic block system at traction substations of adjacent electrified lines PDF (Русский)
А. П. Кордин, В. А. Деркач, В. Г. Мандыч, В. Г. Сыченко, В. В. Кузнецов 28-35
Characteristics of the electric wind turbine with a vertical axis of rotation PDF (Русский)
В. И. Панченко, Д. В. Ципленков, М. О. Леонова, В. В. Кириченко 36-43
About a possibility of reducing losses of energy at switching off of high-voltage IGBT devices and its circuitry energy efficiency PDF (Русский)
Н. В. Панасенко, Д. Ю. Шаповалов, А. А. Краснов 44-52
Optimization of the modes of traction power consumption and energy recuperation in systems of electric transport PDF (Українська)
О. І. Саблін 53-60
Research the voltage mode of system dc traction power supply PDF (Українська)
В. Г. Сиченко, Є. М. Косарєв, П. В. Губський, В. В. Замаруєв, В. В. Івахно, Б. О. Стисло 61-70

Electric Rolling Stock

Determining differences of the heat load excitation windings of the mutually loaded traction electric machines PDF (Русский)
А. М. Афанасов, А. Е. Друбецкий 71-74
Theoretical background of balancing supply voltage and justification of structure of symmetrical unit for power supply of auxiliary motors of electric trains ER9M PDF (Українська)
О. Ю. Балійчук 75-80
The power coefficients of DC electric rolling stock in the regenerative braking mode PDF (Українська)
М. О. Костін, А. В. Нікітенко 81-87

Energy Saving

Development and research of the effective work multivariate flexible technology of recycling plants and waste wood for railway companies PDF (Українська)
О. В. Д’яконов, В. В. Божко, І. О. Ткаченко, В. І. Д’яконов 88-92
The mathematical model for calculating the formation of single-group plan with through trains using set theory PDF (Русский)
А. Ю. Папахов, Н. А. Логвинова 93-99

Automation and Diagnose

Methods of intellectualization of innovative computer technologies of onboard systems of monitoring of locomotives PDF (Українська)
О. І. Стасюк, Л. Л. Гончарова 100-107

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Transmission of electrical energy by electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment PDF (Русский)
М. П. Бадер 108-115
Influence of resonances in the contact network on the permissible parameters of interference PDF (Русский)
А. Бялонь, Д. Адамски, Ю. Фурман 116-121
The distribution of the actual contributions of line sources of distortion in the voltage distortion at the point of common coupling according to local measurements PDF (Русский)
Ю. Л. Саенко, Д. Н. Калюжный, С. В. Свергуненко 122-127