Characteristics of the electric wind turbine with a vertical axis of rotation




wind turbine with a vertical axis, the synchronous generator with permanent magnets, the stator, the rotor, reliability, end synchronous generator, the number of poles, wind wheel


Reliability analysis of wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation shows that most of the damage is caused by failure of the generator and multiplier (mechanism increases the speed of the impeller from 10-120 rpm to required 750-1000 rpm generator). From the point of view of providing good weight and dimensions the most efficient electrical machine, operating with low rotation speed is low speed end generator. The best characteristics of the variety end machines have end synchronous generator with excitation from permanent magnets. This paper considers the design of the wind turbine end generator in which fixed some of the known shortcomings. As a result of the research showed that the proposed design, in which the disk generator with permanent magnets on the rotor located on the upper fastening elements of the propeller, will reduce the axial load on the bearings and do without multiplier. The article justifies the selection of the ratio of the number of teeth of the stator and the number of magnets of the rotor, and the choice of rational parameters of the generator stator winding.


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