Researching the electric field of high voltage cap insulators

Е. Д. Ким


One of basic sources of high-frequency interference in the system of communication of operative management work of electroenergy with the use of power wires of air lines are electrical discharges in high-voltage insulators, resulting even in normal operation the power line. Based on the relationship between the strength of the insulator of the field and the level of interference the problem of justifying practical ways of leveling the electric field of the insulator in order to increase the "safety factor" of insulators on the level of interference is considered. It is assumed that the design of the isolator component parts remains unchanged, so the ultimate aim should be realized through the adjustment of production schedules of product assembly.

Numerical analysis of the electric field has been performed using a known program FEMM -4.2 inview of the complex conductivity. As the object of study were taken design manufactured at present class of insulators 70 and 210 kN for mechanical strength.

The overall result of the study is to establish a parametric relationship between maximum field strength and electrical characteristics of the binder material, through which the assembly of the insulator, and the level of ligaments required.

It is proposed: in the field of sealing pin to provide an additional layer with a thickness 3..5 mm from a material with a resistivity 14108">  Ohm.m, applied over the traditional ligaments cement-based; the future use of alternative binderis not conceding in its technical and price parameters used by the cement-sand composition, low conductivity, but with a high resistance to electrical aging.


high-voltage plat insulator; corona; radio interferences; numerical analysis; tension of electric-field; cement-sandy coupler; resistivity


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