Economic value-added standardization of the electrical supplying reliability and quality of customers in Russia

В. А. Овсейчук, И. В. Жежеленко


Reliability of electrical supplying and power quality are the main parameters to characterize the power efficiency of production and electrical supplying systems. Necessity to develop the correct technical methods for estimation of the integral reliability indices was justified in article. The values of capital expenditures in Russia needed to maintain the reliability index to be equal to about 0.96-0.98 are presented. It was underlined that the power quality and losses reduction problems during reforming of power industry in Russia not received the enough attention excluding the electrified railroad transportation and large industrial customers. The growth of losses in general (for example, the 0.7%-increasing after every 10 years due to steadily worsened voltage waveform distortion) and significant rising of the level of voltage unbalance were pointed out. According to our estimations, the wide proliferation of frequency converters into industry caused the rising of motors failures on 10-15%. It is needed that the problem of efficient operation and maintenance of frequency converters to be solved in near future. The adjustments and allowances for electricity tariffs that equal to ±12% from electricity charges are needed on the basis of analysis the losses for national economics due to power quality standards non-compliances. In terms of reliability and quality of electrical supplying, the Federal Low "On technical regulation" is needed to correct in the following ways: certification and standardization of electrical energy as product, state quality audit and conformance certification. The development of special Federal Low ''On reliability and quality of the customers electrical supplying" with the complex of systemically supplemental positions is appear to be more reasonable.


reliability of electrical supplying; power quality; customer; voltage distortion and unbalance; Federal Low


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