Mathematical modeling and implementation in traction power supply current limiter based on high superconductivity

М. П. Бадер, В.В. Лобынцев


The use and development of superconductor technologies and new high-temperature superconducting electrical equipment in the locomotive and stationary power will enable a fundamentally new level to solve the issues of improving the reliability and efficiency of the traction power supply, energy saving.

Installation of traction substations (TS) of superconducting current limiters (SCL) will significantly reduce the thermal and dynamic effects of short circuit currents in the power equipment and live parts.

Simulation modeling of current-limiting action SCL was conducted with respect to the TS at the site with heavy commuter traffic. Studies have shown that the superconducting limiting short-circuit currents, superfast without inertia is a device that has the ability to restrict not only the steady short-circuit current value, but also completely cut off amplitude subtransient short-circuit current, what can not, none of the most advanced high-speed switches. It is noted that the change in the initial phase of a short circuit, ceteris paribus virtually no effect on the final temperature of the heating element current-limiting cells.

Made settlement and theoretical studies of current-limiting action SCL when mounted on the bushings to 27.5 kV clearly shown enormous technical effect, inaccessible to other types of current-limiting devices and especially for vacuum switchgear.


superconductivity; current limitation; electric traction; commutation equipment


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