Research performance power supply systems at the distance L – V at voltage stabilization 3,3 kV

В. М. Ляшук, М. М. Грудзур


Currently, reduction of electricity losses in traction network of electrified railways by stabilizing the voltage in the contact network is one of the important problems that are successfully solved in urban electric traction networks at low currents loads. Besides creating converters (stabilizers) voltage high current loads is a significant problem.

The article discusses the use of the method of stabilizing the DC voltage level using high frequency electric transport traction substations, a description and the principle of the voltage regulator . Due to the use of devices with built-in high-speed reverse diode is particularly advantageous in the development of inverters. In this case, the required number of power semiconductor components are reduced by 50 % as compared with the IGBT and the diodes in the form of individual elements.


DC voltage stabilization; traction substation electric transport; voltage stabilization; autotransformer; IGBT transistor


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