Methodology and problems during testing electromagnetic compatibility of rolling stock

А. Бялонь, А. Длужневський, Л. Джон


The electromagnetic compatibility research can be considered in two aspects - emission and immunity. The harmonized standards disclose required concerning immunity and emission. In immunity emission case the harmonized standards disclose required frequency range in which the research should be done, legal emission level and specify the research methodology. Both cases have defined curse of work for object during the time of certification research and criteria of conformity assessment which help during the evaluation of the research results.

The paper studies the evaluation of electromagnetic of railway stok, the emissions generated by rolling disorders in relation to acceptable levels recorded in the dedicated standards. The paper presents results of measurements of emissson radiated by train EMU type 22WE 4*500 kW. Presented results of measurements conducted emission in the on-board low voltage network. The paper also describes a method for estimating the uncertainty in the emissions testing problems of rolling stock. The measurement of radiated and conducted emission disturbances is always a measurement a mistake ensuing from measurement specifici-ty and precision test equipment which was used. It’s shown that a correct evaluation of these results forced to estimate the uncertainty of measurement. The most important element of conformity and unconformity with permissible level of radio electric disturbance is to take into account the uncertainty of measurement of test equipment (according to requirement of Polish Centre for Accreditation documents). The examination which had been conducted, showed that tested EMU, didn’t exceed permissible levels.


electromagnetic compatibility; emission of electromagnetic disturbance;rolling stock.


A. Dłużniewski, Ł. John, - Report No. LA/42/10 Test EMC electromagnetic disturbances radiated and conducted by the EMU 22 WE.

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