High frequency induction heated of the of oil pipeline


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induction heating, the inverter, transistors, electromagnetic field, oil refinery, oil pipeline.


For the transportation of oil via oil pipelines, necessary induction heating, which prevents deposits on the walls of the pipes and hardening? Heating oil held in the oil fields, oil transportation distant consumers - refineries.

At low temperatures, to reduce viscosity and provide substances transported operability of these pipes. Formation of condensation and ice is possible in oil pipeline.

Induction heating is characterized by heat in the conductive object and heated contactless power transmission, so the use of induction heating of pipelines in many cases preferred.

If a metal object to be heated put in the electromagnetic field of the conductor through which passes the alternating current in the object according to the law of electromagnetic induction will induce eddy currents cause heating of the object. At the same time the conductor through which an alternating electrical current, called the inducing wire. Induces structurally wire may be shaped into any form depending on the type of object to be heated. Most often it is a cylindrical helix. The apparatus of wires based on inducing called inducer.

It should be emphasized that the use of most of the electromagnetic energy would be the case if the power factor of the inductor is equal to unity. This can be achieved if parallel inductor connected compensating capacitor bank. Compensating capacitor bank and the inductor form a load oscillating circuit, in which the reactive energy stored in the magnetic field of the inductor is transferred to the capacitors, moving into the energy of the electric field. The high-frequency generator is used as the power source of the load oscillating circuit




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