Microprocessor systems and methods for determining switching resources hv circuit breaker of traction networks


  • Л. Л. Гончарова State Economic and Technological University of Transport, 03049, Kiev-49, Lukashevich st., 19, Ukraine




mathematical model, method, resource, monitoring, microprocessor system.


The results of the analysis of the current state of scientific research in the field of optimization procedures intellectualization of electricity for traction, shows that current trends to ensure a high level of efficiency and optimization of power associated with the need for the cycle of research in the field of spectrum management procedures intellectualization fleeting process of continuous power and railways mode monitoring of high-voltage switches. These mathematical models and computer-oriented methods for determining the safety of vulnerable nodes high switching devices as the basis of synthesis of computer monitoring tools mode. A microprocessor system resource definition switching high-voltage switches traction networks, realizing the only position information monitoring mode settings control the functioning and forecast residual, waste, and critical resource.

Author Biography

Л. Л. Гончарова, State Economic and Technological University of Transport, 03049, Kiev-49, Lukashevich st., 19

Department of "Automation and computer-integrated transport technology"


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