Rationale for modernization of diesel locomotives CHME3 using hybrid propulsion system





CHME3 diesel, hybrid propulsion system, mathematical model, valve-inductor motor.


This article is devoted to problems of inefficient use of energy resources shunting locomotives during their work. As of 2009, diesel chme3 (especially in Russia and Ukraine) in addition to its core functions, often used as a commuter train locomotives on short malozadiyanyh areas. So now the question of reducing consumption of energy resources is quite acute for our country, so this article is very relevant. The developed simulation model of locomotive quite clearly shows the inefficiency of the system in use at present. Functionally, the model is divided into blocks of modeling jobs diesel traction generator and traction motors unit that calculates the resistance of the train. To calculate the resistance of the train entered Kharkiv-Merefa. The proposed functional diagram of a hybrid locomotive includes diesel, synchronous starter generator, rectifier, battery and battery ultracap, static converters, traction engines. The use of energy storage allows to introduce diesel locomotive traction engines control systems to improve their performance. Application hydride locomotive can increase its efficiency by high efficiency when working on energy storage. This solution can reduce fuel consumption by at least 40%, as most of shunting will be powered by the traction battery, and ensure high environmental cleanliness locomotive. Fuel savings after implementation of this modernization is about 100 tons per year, in this economy you return the money spent on modernization, is about 5 years.

Author Biography

І.В. Деніс, PJSC "CARTEL" str. Dnieper highway, 84a, m. Krivoy Rog, 50026, Ukraine



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