Mathematical methods of computer adaptation train schedule for electricity payment consumed of traction in accordance with commercial tariff




minimization, electric power consumption, algorithm, differentiated tariff, tariff zones, model.


The algorithm of the commercial optimization train schedule to save costs for the consumed electricity payment by three-zone differentiated tariffs is reviewed. Ways to improve it are found and implemented. As a result of researches the mathematical model to describe the time of the train from the station of departure to the station arrival by periods of tariff zones differentiated by time of day commercial tariff, in which it performs the movement is offered. The mathematical methods that allow the use of a computer algorithm adaptation train schedule for all trains on electrified direction without limits of time on the road each provided between the end station and the station of departure no intermediate stations, which can carry departure or stop other trains, are developed. As a result, an improved algorithm by changing the schedule of trains able to consider the following factors: the periods of the tariff coefficients of three-zone differential tariff, intervals between trains, the duration of each train movement and minimal displacement of current schedule.

Author Biography

О.С. Гайденко, State University for Transport Economy and Technologies, Lukashevych Str., 19, 03049, Kyiv, Ukraine

Department «Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies of Transport department»


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