The scientific articles are accepted for publication in the journal on relevant problems of electrified transport, which were not previously published.

The articles are select for publication if they have scientific importance and show a new step in the development of problem. Publicize articles are not accepted.

The problems of articles in the journal are subject to the following rubric: power supply; electromagnetic compatibility; electric rolling stock; energy saving; automation and diagnostics.

Scientific articles must meet the requirements and have following required elements:

  • statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
  • analysis of the latest research and publications in which the solution to this problem has been initiated and which the author is using, highlights the unresolved parts of the common problem;
  • formulation of the objectives of the article (statement of the problem);
  • presentation of the main material of the article with full justification of the scientific results obtained;
  • conclusions on this research and prospects for further research under this direction.

The total volume of the article is up to 1.0 author’s sheets (from 8-12 pages of A4 format).

The article must be typed in the text editor Word. Fields: left and right - 22.5 mm, top - 18 mm, bottom - 30 mm.

Articles accepted for printing in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

The article should be formatted with a clear allocation of structural parts:

  1. UDC index;
  2. a complete list of authors;
  3. the full name of the organization, full address, contact details (phone numbers, e-mail), necessarily the ORCID-identifier of the authors;
  4. the title of the article;
  5. the main text of the article with the names of the structural parts, for example: Introduction, Problem Statement, Problem Solving, ..., Conclusions;
  6. a list of sources used in Cyrillic and Latin;
  7. keywords ;
  8. the text of the structured annotation.

Elements 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 should be translated into English and Russian/Ukrainian languages.

For  writing an article, you can use this template (link).

In template Times New Roman font must used with size of 11 and a single line spacing. The names of the structural parts must submitted in bold.

It is not allowed in the text of the article the presence of special markup symbols (for example, "forced transfer", "soft paragraph", word translation options) with the exception of the "non-breaking space" symbol between the numeric value and the dimension of 15 mA, and between the initials and the surname like James M. D.

Points after the names of the structural parts are not used.

Figures and illustrations (photos) should be single objects. It is recommended to use raster formats with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. For simple illustrations, you can use the built-in Word editor, on condition that you necessarily combine all elements with the position of the graphic object "in the text". The width of the illustration for printing is limited to 8 cm. As an exception, large illustrations (up to 16 cm) are allowed with providing them completely filled in width.

The names of the figures typed separately, under the drawings. The caption consists of: the word Fig., the serial number, the name of the figure, the decoding of the positions (if any). For each figure in the text must be a link that located before of it.

Tables are also limited to a width of 8 cm. For filling it is necessary to use the font of 10 size. Each table must have a sequence number and name and be located after the reference to it in the text of the article. In the case of a large table, it can be placed on the whole width of the sheet.

The formulas must be typed in the MathType editor with the sizes of the usual symbol - 11, the large index - 10, the small index - 9. The values in the formulas denoting the variables are typed in italics style; indices, which are abbreviations of words - straight lines, units of dimension - straight lines. Units of dimension can be typed separately from formulas, or in formulas, with the mandatory insertion of the space character (Ctrl + Shift + Space). It is not recommended to use Cyrillic symbols for formulas.

Formulas can be numbered, which located to the right of the formula in brackets, aligned to the right border of the text with the tab tool (the coordinate of the center of the formula in the column – 4 cm, the right border – 8 cm).

Keywords are given as separate words or phrases (up to 12), separated by a semicolon.

Structured abstract is given in the volume of up to 250 words. It should be structured according to the logic of describing the results in the article and have the following elements: introduction, methodology, results, scientific novelty, conclusions and recommendations. The abstract should not repeat the title of the article.

The reference list is presented in two versions:

  1. original language according GOST 7.1: 2006;
  2. Latin transliteration with APA-style.

For more information on the design of the reference list, see the link.